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Motivation of Library and Information Science Professionals

Garvita Jhamb, Meera .


Motivation of professionals working in any organization including libraries is very crucial. The article intends to study the perception of LIS professionals towards various motivation factors present in their libraries. The study was carried out in eight libraries grouped in academic, special, public and technical libraries. Likert scale-based questionnaire was used to obtain responses. Total 58 questionnaires were distributed, out of which, 43 were returned back with response rate of 74.1%. Motivation factor was analyzed into nine sub-facets like pay scales, employee security, compensation, motivation level, amenities and facilities for motivation etc. The study reveals that 93% professionals agree with the pay and salary benefits, while 79.1% are found to have high motivation level. 67.4% employees are satisfied with welfare facilities available to them. Overall, 66.9% professionals agreed with different facets of motivation factor accounting WAM 3.7 respectively which displays that there is a ‘positive perception’ among employees of the libraries under study. Academic libraries (DU and JNU) and technical libraries (IIT and DTU) are found to be best among the four categories.
Keywords: Motivation of employees, pay scales, welfare facilities

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Garvita Jhamb, Meera. Motivation of
Library and Information Science
Professionals . Journal of Advancements in
Library Sciences . 201 9 ; 6 2 49 55p.


human resource management, motivation of employees, pay scales, welfare facilities, LIS professionals.

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