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Creative Use of Mobile Phone for Providing Quality Library Services

Arvind A. Bhagat, Pradnya A. Bhagat


The present paper focuses on new trend in library and information science, i.e., mobile based library services. Mobile based service give faster access to academic user because it is more convenient, collaborative, and portable. At present day mobile become more basic need of human being. In changing era the mobile technology become more helpful to provide library services because tremendous change in information technology affects the user needs. Today the library housekeeping activity changes its nature. The paper discuss on the need, drawback, advantages and disadvantages and basic component of mobile based library science. Mobile phone becomes very essential part of human life for communication and knowledge sharing.

Keywords: Mobile Technology, SMS notification services, information science, e resources

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Arvind A. Bhagat, Pradnya A.Bhagat. Creative Use Of Mobile Phone For Providing Quality Library Services. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 32s–34s.

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