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Innovative Paradigms in Libraries by Technological Reforms

S.S. Koditkar, A.R. Nagarkar


Libraries have an educational and communal mission which involves in providing collections and services to gather a community’s information requirements. It is the local gateway to knowledge and provides a basic condition for lifelong learning, independent decision making and cultural development of the individual and social groups. The modern library is changed its traditional face and functioning in a more innovative way in this age of information. This paper highlight the phenomenal changes happened due to the advent of technology in the functions of library technology has practically changed the way information services are provided so much that with the internet a library can access and organise information and information resources as much as necessary while library and information providers have been able to server patrons not only face to face but also Virtually. Thus, Technology has changed and allowed ever new ways of generating, storing, organizing and disseminating information.
Keywords: Libraries, Technological reforms, Innovation

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S.S. Koditkar, A.R. Nagarkar. Innovative Paradigms in Libraries by Technological Reforms. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 133s–137s.

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