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Skill Suits of LIS Professionals: Towards Modern Paradigm

Satvashila T. Salgar


Present era of information society having a tagline “Information is commodity” leads to switching of academic libraries to information centers. Presently Information communication Technology has dramatically changed academics, research and development. Earlier academic libraries play role in procure the formal library resources i.e. resources in conventional or printed format and cater traditional library services. With influence of ICT and transformation in education system information is becoming part and parcel of academic process as well as research and development. With Advent of ICT the role of academic libraries is shifting from Library to Information Retrieval centre along with structure i.e. traditional to digital, hybrid, virtual or paperless library. Ultimately to overcome these challenges it’s essential for librarians to adopt new “Skill Suit” which assist themselves in smooth working.

Keyword: LIS Profession, Skill Suit, Technical Skills, Generic Skills, Five Laws of Librarianship

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Satvashila T. Salgar. Skill Suits of LIS Professionals: Towards Modern Paradigm. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 160s–164s.

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