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Indian Research Output Share at Global Research Reflected in Scimago during 2010-2017

Minaj M. Naikawdi


Present study tries to analyze India’s research share at Global level reflected in Scimago during 2010-2017. For this purpose, present study uses data available at Scimago. Data is downloaded and analyzed with help of excel. India stood at 9th rank at global level. During 2010-2017 Indian journals indexed in Scimago increased from 386 to 492 journals. [10] It shows steady growth in India’s research contribution. Present study tries to depict research output of India in 27 subject areas indexed in SJR.

Keywords: Scimago, Cites, Total Doc, SJR, Research Output, Average

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Minaj M. Naikawdi. Indian Research output share at global research reflected in Scimagoduring 2010-2017. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 193s–197s.

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