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Library Mobile App and QR Code

Rohan Raju Pawar, Harake Suresh Birappa, Pawar Shraddha R.


In today's age of information technology, it is difficult for traditional libraries to cope up with pace of information explosion and to satisfy the requirements of all new users. It is pressing demand of library users to have all the required information about library in minimum time. Traditional printed broachers containing library information are difficult to handle and consume more time. Nowadays most of the library users use smart mobiles which can be used for many applications. Therefore, taking advantage of this technology, library application or QR codes containing the information about the library can be designed and uploaded by the library on their website for free download by users using mobile. This can benefit the users to access the required information anytime and anywhere conveniently in minimum time.

Keywords: Library application, QR Code, Broacher, Information dissemination, Marketing Tool.

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Rohan Raju Pawar, Harake Suresh Birappa, Pawar Shraddha R. Library Mobile App and QR Code. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 226s–229s.

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