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Tools to study Service Quality and User Satisfaction level for Law Databases: A Basic Outline for Future Research

Swati Mate


Testing of User satisfaction has to study what are the things which are contributing for user satisfaction. Assessment of User satisfaction is the most important and recognized library outcomes measurement. Physical appearance and ambience of library facilities is also important part of assessment. In other way, assessments are the user’s collective experience of service quality measure. It is nothing but the gaps between their expectations of good service and also their perceptions of the way service delivered to many users. We have to find out this gap. To overcome this gap we have to measure service quality by quantitative analysis. Service quality studies provide sufficient insight into what users emphasis on individual opinions and their perception about library resources. So that to reduce the gap takes steps to improve service. Repeating service quality assessments very important to analyze whether steps taken to improve service have been successful. If there are small very gaps between user perceptions and library service delivery we can say that it will serve the purpose of assessment.
Keywords: usability, User satisfaction, service quality.

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Swati Mate. Tools to Study Service Quality and User Satisfaction Level for Law Databases: A Basic Outline for Future Research. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 265s–267s.

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