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Emerging Sources from Educational Libraries

Tushar M. Patil


In the age of information technology, it is very essential to use the electronic sources in libraries. E-resources are established through the electronic libraries. It is essential to guest the further e-technology for its expression, objectives and programme and after their libraries will work smoothly and well. With the help of computer and e-sources, the users should download the website and send the information to the library in the case library show be eligible to operate the modern devices. The supplementary word to this is e-librarian. All the tasks of e-librarian depend upon the information getting uploaded throughout the world. Though the significance of former (erstwhile) traditional reference books is lasting yet their renowned is decreasing. That’s why, information service and information technology, the value of e-sources and e-learning grows.
Keywords: Library education, E-resources, Library Securities, Advanced Technology.

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Tushar M. Patil. Emerging Sources from Educational Libraries. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 304s–306s.

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