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Library Consortia : Over View

G N Panchal, Sambhaji G Patil


This research papers describe the concept of “E Journal Consortia” highlighting the advantage and disadvantages. Consortium is gaining in the development countries and in future more and more consortia would emerge to serve their members. The Consortia should take lead role in the development of a national strategy for information provision for research in higher education. The growth of information technology Proliferation of Information, increased demand of users, financial constraints , inflammation in Indian currency etc, makes the library impossible to acquire all the information resources it fulfil the needs of information seekers self sufficiently. The use of E-Consortia in 21st century libraries and Information Centres in India is discussed.


Key words: - Library Consortia, E-Journals, UGC INFONET, E-Consortia Initiatives in India


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G N Panchal, Sambhaji G Patil. Library Consortia: Over View. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 488s–491s.

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