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CALIBRE: E-Book Management Software in Digital Library Environment

V. T. Kamble, Dundappa S. Amoji


This paper aims to provide an overview of Calibre in electronic environment. Calibre is helpful to manage the collection of e-books; create cataloge, read e-book etc. Compared to other e-book software, Calibre is having more advantages as an application that is used for managing our eBook files. In Calibre we can think of our own personal automated library and can import the eBook files automatically sorts out for us, allowing users to quickly search for the books. This program sorts ebooks, allows users to access them quickly and makes it easy to transfer books to various eReaders.


Keywords: e-Book, e-Reader, Calibre, E-Book Management Software and Digital Library.

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V. T. Kamble, Dundappa S. Amoji. CALIBRE: E-Book Management Software in Digital Library Environment. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 460s–465s.

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