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Use of Screen Capture Technology Tool to Find out Library User’s Behavior on Screen

Yogesh Mate


The purpose of this article is to introduce screen capture software as an effective and persuasive tool for usability studies to record data. How video screen capture technology helpful to learn to learn more about student usage of the library’s databases and pattern of interaction. To set up screen Observation as method for research and also find out and implement a proper way to capture and analyze the human-computer interaction. Camtasia Studio, Tec smith’s screen capture software and cinema FV-5 Lite app used for video recording at St. Vincent College of Commerce Learning Recourses Centre.Found out screen Video screen capture technology is a better way to track human-computer interaction. Also found out some drawbacks associated with both formal, direct physical observation of participants and videotaping participants. Video screen capture technology is an inexpensive and user-friendly way to do electronic resource usability studies in any library. The paper examines a new way to capture student search Pattern and behavior. It shows how any library could use this same technology and methodology to conduct research. How their resources are being used by their users?
Keywords: Video screen captures, Usability study, Screen capture Technology.

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Yogesh Mate. Use of screen capture technology tool to find out library user’s behavior on screen. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 342s–344s.

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