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Library Assessment: Criteria’s, Parameters and Readiness for Accreditation

Prakash Bhairu Bilawar


To maintain the quality of education in HEI (Higher Education Institutions), INI (Institutions of National Importance) etc. assessment by different agencies like NAAC, NBA, NIRF etc. of Indian and international origin is mandatory that undergoes assessment at different levels resulting into standardized recognition and popularity amongst varied institutions with grades and ranking. The indicators meant for assessments of institutions are different with different assessment bodies that to the universities and colleges. The better grade/rank of an institution are eligible for additional funding and attractions of the students amongst other organizations globally. The present paper discloses the diverse parameters/criterion assigned by various Indian accreditation bodies destined for ‘Library assessment’ with marking system, findings of foreign accreditation agencies and suggests strategy and way forward in terms of readiness index useful in assessment process to achieve maximum score pertaining to ‘Library criteria’.
Keywords: Accreditation, Library, Criteria, Assessment, Indicator etc.

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Prakash Bhairu Bilawar. Library Assessment: Criteria’s, Parameters and Readiness for Accreditation. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 358s–362s.

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