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E-Library Resources Available and Use for Information Services by Users in University Libraries of North West Zone of Nigeria

Abdullahi Muhammad Dawakin Kudu, Abdullahi M.A. Dirar, Mustapha Idris, Jibril Masud El Jibril


This paper examined the E-library resources available, types of E-library resources frequently used and utilized for information services in North West University in Nigeria. A survey research method was adopted to carry out the study using descriptive research methodology. The population used under this study comprised all the state—federal, state, and private universities in North-west geopolitical zone of Nigeria comprising seventeen (17) studied universities. The population considered to be the subject of the study includes other professional and non-professional staff in the Nigerian university libraries on the position of university librarian circumstantially. The sample size depends on the nature of the research of the study. It is however proposed to have a sample of seventeen (17) universities therefore the number of the universities is manageable, and therefore no sampling is required. The instrument used for data collection is a questionnaire. A stratified sampling technique was used in selecting the secondary population of the study. Data was also analysed using descriptive analysis using frequency tables and percentages. The administration of the questionnaire was carried out by the co-researchers and assisted by three (3) research assistants. The study also has identified the E-library resources used for the transformation of library services from the traditional method to the present electronic method by using the appropriate E-library resources which includes internet resources, E-journals, E-books resources, web-based resources, and subject gateway. The study also revealed that most of the E-library resources that are frequently used and utilized for information services are open source (free). It has been established that the E-library resources for information services in the North West Zone of Nigerian university libraries are facing challenges of funds, technical know-how, training, and infrastructures, to mention a few. The study recommends that university libraries should continuously update their E-library resources, arrange and rearrange the mode and time of operation to ensure maximum utilization of the available E-library resources in their libraries. The librarians must always be on training and retraining for the acquisition of new skills and as well to update their knowledge on the E-library resources facilities. The issue of training can be through seminars, conferences, and workshops for capacity building and conformity of any electronic innovation. There is a need for proper and adequate funding, the need for qualified personnel to handle technical aspects, training of personnel, and provision of adequate infrastructures.


E-library, E-journals, information services, resources available, university libraries, web-based resources

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