Breakdown of Physicothermodynamic System of The Human Neural Network in The Fractional Dimensional Space Due To Z+ Bis Intake: Introduction to Photonic & Phononic Nociceptions

Tuhin Dutta, Deepak Kumar, Madan Mohan Bajaj, Sobinder Singh


Nociceptionics deals with the properties, dynamism of nonciceptons, emitted from the
quasi-particles of pain perception due to killing or annihilation of living organism in any
part of the globe. The new subject of Nonciceptonics is analogous to the conventional
discipline of Digital & Pulse Electronics and Abstract Algebra. In our present work we
will study the characteristics of fractional dimensional space in the human brain as a
severe consequence of the nociceptons emitted from the living organism while being
killed or annihilated. We shall provide the relevant numerical calculations using the
various characteristics of nociceptons. We have explained our views in half dimensional
Keywords: nociceptionics, nonciceptons, chemical Potential, fermi gas


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