Binding Energy and Energy Level with B(E2; 2 0 ) of Neutron-Rich 60-66Fe Isotopes using NuShellX

F. I. Sharrad


Binding energy of the ground state, energy levels and B(E2; 1 1 0 2   
) values for even-even
Fe isotopes with proton number Z=26 and neutron numbers (n) between 34 and 40 have
been calculated through shell model calculations using the shell model code NuShellX for
Windows by employing harmonic oscillator (HO) model space and the GXPF1A, KB3G and
FPD6 interactions. The binding energies calculations are reasonably consistent with the
available experimental data. The predicted low-lying levels (energies, spins and parities) are
in good agreement with newly experimental data, and by employed FPD6 for 60Fe nucleus,
GXPF1A for 62Fe nucleus and KB3G for 64,66Fe nuclei. Furthermore, B(E2; 1 1 0 2   
values are in good agreements with available experimental data.
Keywords: Shell model, neutron-rich, Binding energy, energy levels, B(E2) value

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