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Preliminary Studies of the Effects of Some Extraction Methods/Procedures on the Yield and Physicochemical Properties of African Breadfruit Seed Oil (Treculia africana)

Ayodele Akinterinwa, J. I. Japari, S. Abba, V. Charles


African breadfruit seed oil (ABFSO) was extracted using traditional and solvent extraction methods. The procedure for the solvent extraction was varied as different solvent including; n-hexane, methanol, xylene and acetone were used in the extraction. The least oil yield (3.6%) was obtained from the traditional method while the highest was obtained using n-hexane in solvent extraction. The oil extracts which includes the traditional extract (TDE), n-hexane extract (N-HE), methanol extract (MTE), xylene extract (XYE), and acetone extract (ACE), were further characterized for physicochemical properties such as free fatty acid (FFA), iodine value (IV), peroxide value (PV), saponification value (SV), acid value (AV), ester value (EV), moisture content (MC), refractive index (RI), density, pH and relative viscosity. Results show significant variations in some physicochemical properties with the extraction methods/procedures. This recommends the potential utility of ABFSO in different applications based on the extraction method/procedure. The work also present the possibility of extraction method/procedure selection based on cost and environmental factors.  



African breadfruit seed oil, extraction methods, solvents, yield, physicochemical properties

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