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Ultrasonic Studies in Binary Liquid Mixtures of Butylamine and Iso-Butylamine with 1-Decanol at 293, 303 and 313 K

Rita Mehra, Avneesh Kumar Gaur


Acoustic parameters like isentropic compressibility, acoustic impedance and intermolecular free length along with internal pressure of butylamine and iso-butylamine with 1-decanol have been determined from sound speed, density and viscosity measurements at 293, 303 and 313 K over the entire range of composition. These derived parameters were used to calculate excess functions like deviation in isentropic compressibility, excess acoustic impedance, excess intermolecular free length, excess internal pressure and excess enthalpy. Variation of these derived and excess functions with composition is helpful in understanding the type and extent of interactions present between the components of binary liquid mixtures. All the excess functions are fitted into Redlich–Kister polynomial equation to find smoothening coefficients and standard deviation. Further, various empirical and semi empirical relations of sound speed have also been correlated with experimental sound speed to find best suitable theory for the systems under investigation.



acoustic parameters, binary liquid mixture, molecular interactions, internal pressure, excess enthalpy

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