Production of Portland Cement using Moroccan Oil Shale

M. Doumbouya, K. El Kacem, S. Kitane


Like the use of coal ash from power plants as an addition to cement, oil shale are used for cement production on an industrial scale in Estonia, China, USA and Germany.Oil shale can be utilized in manufacturing the cement. In addition to the utilization of these by-products after combustion, it can also reduce the required temperature for the clinkering reactions during the production of Portland clinker. We performed a study on the Moroccan oil shale to maximize the use of oil shale ash in the manufacturing of Portland cement. We found that Moroccan oil shale ash can be used up 30% with 70% Portland clinker without altering its principle properties. The corresponding temperature required to generate the required liquid for the clinkering reactions as well as the essential ingredients for clinker was found to be around of 850 to 1000°C. The operating temperatures for this optimized blend ratio were found to 1000. The resulting Portland clinker from this ratio will need further testing in accordance with international standards for Portland cement to examine properties like strength, setting time


Oil shale, Cement, Portland

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