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A Study of Hyperfine Interactions of Peroxy Radicals in Irradiated PE Copolymer at Low Temperatures

Madhukar Katakam


Hyperfine interactions occurring around the magnetic environment of peroxy radical are investigated by electron spin resonance (ESR) technique. For this purpose, ESR spectra are recorded in the temperature range of 77 to 300 K. ESR spectra at 77 K possess some hyperfine structure together with peroxy doublet; while at high temperatures only peroxy doublet is observed. Hyperfine parameters like g-values, peak to peak separation, spread are calculated and their temperature dependence has been investigated. Hyperfine interaction of peroxy radical depends on molecular substrate as well as temperature, Due to variation in temperature, chain conformations change causing changes in hyperfine interactions Bloch analysis is applied to calculate activation energy associated with the free radical decay.


Peroxy radical, ESR doublet, hyperfine interactions, g-values, Bloch analysis, activation energy

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