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A Valuable Insight into the Microwave Heating Vs Conventional Heating for Fused Heterocyclic Nucleus Synthesis

Piyush Kumar Ohri, Anshul Chawla


This paper includes comparison between the microwave synthesis and conventional synthesis for fused heterocyclic nucleus. This comparison shows that’s microwave irradiation take less time than conventional heating. And also gives more resultant product than conventional heating. Now a day’s microwave irradiation is widely used for synthesis because it gives purity product or it has low operating cost. The technique can use to synthesize large number of organic molecules with safe, clean, fast, efficient and economical way. In both methods microwave heating method is eco-friendly.

Keywords: Microwave synthesis, Conventional synthesis, fused heterocyclic compounds, Drug discovery, Lead compound.


Microwave synthesis, Conventional synthesis, fused heterocyclic compounds, Drug discovery, Lead compound.

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