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Quality Assessment of Water Samples from East Godavari

D. Likhitha, M. Prajna


Water quality for irrigation purposes is very important. In present study the water samples are collected from both Raja mahendra varam (RJY) and Kakinada (KKD) of East Godavari District, local areas of Andhra Pradesh, India from water sources like Ponds, Canals, Bore wells in summer season in the month of May 2019. The water samples were analyzed to determine the concentration of physico-chemical parameters to assess the quality of water such as pH, Electrical Conductivity [EC], Carbonates, Bicarbonates, Sodium, Magnesium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium, Total Dissolved Salts [TDS], Sodium Adsorption Ratio [SAR], which were analyzed in laboratory in a systematic procedure. Results showed that Electrical Conductivity, Sodium, Magnesium, Chlorides, Calcium, concentrations are normal, Carbonate and Bicarbonate are low and Total Dissolved Salts and Sodium Adsorption Ratio are damage the crops. According to the hydro chemical study of the samples there is a need to improve the quality of water for safety purposes and also for crop improvement. Finally the analysis reveals that the water needs treatment before consumption and irrigation purpose.


Electrical Conductivity, Sodium Adsorption Ratio, water quality, irrigation purpose, crop improvement.

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