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Review on Textile Antimicrobial activity imparting by silver follow a line of investigation

Dr. A. L. KAVITHA, S. Ananda Babu, R. Rajeswari


The present review aims to analyze the potential use of silver to propose innovative medical textile materials and their antimicrobial possession research. The paper provides data on the interest to use these silver particles to functionalize on the textile substrate and details the main applications of textile finishing. Further, the present work focuses on the coating of silver particles through electrospinning method. At length, it analyzes the improvement of the performances of cytotoxicity. This review aims to summarize previous antimicrobial studies of silver particles towards its application in the expectations studies as biocompatible and non biocompatible coating agents


Silver, antimicrobial, textile, electrospinning, biocompatible, cytotoxicity

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