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Optical Property of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals to Change their Color Under Temperature Change and its Practical Application

Michael Shoikhedbrod


   The article presents a description of the optical property of cholesteric liquid crystals with a change of temperature to change their color, permitted author to develop a device for diagnosing breast cancer among women, which is convenient for women during diagnostics, allowing to obtain a high-quality, contrasting with high accuracy color image of benign or malignant tumors.  The use of the property of cholesteric liquid crystals with temperature change to change their color permitted to develop a musical color device that makes it possible to "animate" the image on the panel with a multi-colored color in accordance with the frequency spectrum of the signal emanating from the electronic music device and an indicator of sorption processes, which provides an indication of the coverage of the collector of the mineral surface by a simple, safe, fast and cheap method.


Cholesteric liquid crystals, Breast cancer, Music color device, Indicator of sorption processes, Temperature change

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