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Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Structure and Characterizaton of Rubidium Mercury Thiocyanate Crystal

P Girija


Single crystals of manganesemercurythiocyanate (MMTC) and rubidium mercury thiocyanate (RMTC) were grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique. The single crystal X-ray diffraction states that the system of RMTC is monoclinic with different cell parameter values than MMTC. The grown RMTC have high NLO efficiency with green emission. The Fourier Transform Infra Red analysis says about the functional group present in the synthesized crystal. The surface morphology and presence of rubidium was confirmed by SEM-EDS. The thermal analysis shows that the crystal posses high temperature withstanding capacity giving its application in laser technology. The optical study was carried out and found that the transmittance is highly suitable for opto-electronic applications and band gap energy was calculated.


Crystal Growth, Shg , Band Gap Energy, Mmtc, Rubidium.

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