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Eco-Friendly Management of the Viral Diseases of Chilli (Capsicum annum L.)

L. P. Awasthi, Samir Pratap Singh, D. Tripathi



The infection and spread of viral diseases in chilli viz., mosaic mottling, distortion, leaf rolling, curling and the necrosis of apical and floral buds could be managed by fortnightly sprays with the aqueous leaf extract of Clerodendrum aculeatum, Azadirachta indica and filament extract of Cuscuta reflexa. The effectiveness of the botanicals was increased with increase in the number of sprays from one to six. In treated plants symptom appearance was delayed and disease incidence was reduced. In plants, which received six sprays with botanicals, all the growth and yield parameter viz., plant height and fruit yield were increased.  Minimum disease incidence (33.66%), delayed appearance of symptoms (83.50 days), maximum plant height (55.39 cm), days to 50 per cent flowering (87.75 days) and maximum yield (596 g/plot) were recorded with six sprays of Clerodendrum aculeatum followed by neem leaf extract, at fortnightly intervals since transplanting stage.

Keywords: Botanicals, management, chilli

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