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Farmer’s Perception Towards Mobile-SMS Alert Services

Mohammad Aslam Ansari, Neha Pandey



Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) have transformed the way information is produced, processed and shared across different stakeholders in the agriculture production systems. Of all the ICTs, mobile telephony has emerged as “the technology of choice for the masses”. The gradual and regulated expansion of telecommunication infrastructure and attendant government policies has enabled the penetration of mobile telephony across the entire social spectrum in the country. A number of innovative and imaginative applications of mobile telephony in agriculture and rural development sector have highlighted its use and immense potential in empowering the farmers of India. The present study attempted to determine the farmer’s perception and usage pattern of SMS alerts services (provided by IKSL) to the subscribing farmers in a North Indian state (Uttar Pradesh). The findings reiterate that mobile telephones have become the dominant media for information dissemination in the farming community under study. A large majority of farmers displayed positive perceptions towards the IKSL (IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited) service—an innovative service born out of a joint venture between a fertilizer producing company (i.e., IFFCO) and Bharti Airtel, a prominent mobile services provider. Thus, we can conclude that mobile phones can help farmers in making the right decision at the right time during the process of production and postproduction including transportation and marketing. Ultimately, mobile telephones can prove to be an excellent medium for educating the farmers as well as a potential tool for social networking. 

Keywords: Mobile SMS alerts, Ict applications in agriculture, Mobile for agriculture development, ICT4D, m-Agriculture

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