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Efficacy of Insecticides for Effective Pest Management in Cotton

Mamta Singh, S.D. Narkhede



Main constraint in achieving high production of seed cotton is destruction inflicted by insect pests. Newer interactions of pesticides have upraised the hopes for improved management of feared pest worldwide. Therefore, an effort has been made to study the relative efficiency of novel collection of insecticides against bollworms in cotton crop. The consequences of cotton bollworm are well known to cause entire crop failures in several regions where farmers are becoming victims of pest hazard resulting in socio economic calamities, now and then. Thus, the novel group of insecticides showed their efficacy against cotton bollworm with highest seed cotton yield. Thus, insecticides (Spinosad, Indoxacarb and Profenophos) could be deployed for effective pest management.

Keywords: Efficacy of insecticides, cotton bollworms, cotton yield, pest management

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Dr. Mamta Singh,  Dr. S. D. Narkhede., Efficacy of Insecticides for Effective Pest Management in Cotton., Research & Reviews: Journals of Agricultural Science and Technology. 2015; 4(1):    7–11p.

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