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Farmer’s Awareness about Climate Change and Adaptation Practices: A Review

Mohammad Aslam Ansari, Rupan Raghuvanshi



Climate change is a burning issue in the global discussions on agriculture as it affects all other sectors of development. Climate change directly affects agriculture production as this sector is inherently sensitive to climatic conditions and is one of the most vulnerable sectors to the risk and impact of global climate change. Agriculture system responds to changing climate through the process of adaptation. Adaptation to farming practices is largely dependent on awareness about climate change. It is also a threat to the food security of the growing population of the world. Awareness of farmers about the climate changes, its causes and consequences are the important aspect to deal with changing climatic conditions. Despite availability of adaptation measures like HYVs, mixed cropping, integrated farming, change in irrigation, crop insurance etc., farmers were not adapting them due to lack of knowledge and awareness about climate change. Majority of the farmers were unable to identify the causes and consequences of climate change, that’s way they had not made adjustments in their farming practices. It is important to create awareness about climate change among the farmers by using various methods like ICT, community radio, extension agent etc., so that they can adopt the various adaptation practices available to cope up with the adverse impact of climate change.

Keywords: Climate change, agriculture, awareness, adaptation

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Rupan Raghuvanshi, Ansari MA. Farmer’s Awareness about Climate Change and Adaptation Practices: A Review. Research & Reviews: Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. 2016; 5(3): 41–51p.

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