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Characterization of BARI Kola-2 (Musa paradisiaca)

H. Rahman, A. Akter


The investigation was carried out at the research field of the Horticulture Research Centre (HRC), Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Jamalpur, Bangladesh during February 2013 to April 2014. BARI Kola-2 was included in the investigation. Musa cultivars (cooking banana or plantain) are important crops in the humid tropics and subtropics of Asia region. This article reports the magnitude of morphological characterization of the BARI Kola-2 conserved in the field-bank of the HRC, RARS, BARI, Jamalpur, Bangladesh. One hundred and thirty-three qualitative and quantitative characters were assessed in seven plant parts: 2 plant general appearance characteristics, 11 pseudostem, and suckers characteristics, 24 petiole, midrib and leaf characteristics, 19 inflorescence and male bud characteristics, 14 bract characteristics, 24 male flower characteristics, and 39 fruit characteristics. Qualitative and quantitative characters were accomplished to evaluate the BARI Kola-2. The precious observation was made to identify the most important characters to characterize the BARI Kola-1. The most imperative qualitative morphological characters were the persistence of male bud and hermaphrodite flowers, pseudostem blotching and waxiness, pigmentation in pseudostem, leaves, petiole and male flower, peduncle hairiness, leaf orientation, male bud shape, the skin color of the finger at ripening, cooking quality, and organoleptic taste. Furthermore, the most important quantitative morphological characters included pseudostem height, base girth, number of suckers, days to harvest, bunch weight, number of fingers per bunch, fruit sizes, individual finger weight, and yield per hectare. Morphological characterization of BARI Kola-2 aids the breeders for the improvement of the crop and certification for the distinction of the variety and recognized Intellectual Property Right (IPR) of this variety.
Keywords: Banana, cooking banana, plantain, qualitative characters, quantitative characters, characterization, and IPR.

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H. Rahman, A. Akter. Characterization of BARI Kola-2 (Musa paradisiaca). Research & Reviews: Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. 2019; 8(2): 22–40p.

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