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Agro-waste Management: A Step towards Better Tomorrow

Pankaj Mudholkar, Megha Mudholkar


Agro-waste management is an important issue for ecological agriculture and sustainable development. Agro-waste must be managed properly by keeping balance in environmental factors and treating the waste in a manner so that it will produce the best out of waste. Waste produce from crops and the products such as fruits, vegetables should be processed and may be converted into the products which are used in all aspects of life. Agro-waste is used to produce compost, energy, fuel, brick making etc. The farmers must be aware about managing waste in their farm in more efficient way. They also need to understand the problems of mismanaging the waste in social life, environmental misbalance etc. The present paper is focused on management of agro-waste in a manner of keeping ecological balance and also leading to producing best out of waste.

Keywords: Agro-waste, Farmers, Agriculture, Crops, Biomass

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Pankaj Mudholkar, Megha Mudholkar. Agro-Waste Management: A Step towards Better Tomorrow. Research & Reviews: Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology. 2019; 8(1): 1–4p.

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