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Studies on Character Association and Path Analysis in Slender Grain Rice (Oryza sativaL.) Varieties

Nidanapati Karanam Gayathri, Muchchukota Subbara



Field experiment was carried out to determine the degree of association and magnitude of direct and indirect effects between grain yield and yield attributing characters for 18 slender grain rice varieties for six characters. Growth and yield of rice plant is influenced by interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Knowledge on degree of relationship between the traits confirming yield are useful to breeder to choose the traits to give significant results in selection process. Correlation and path analysis studies were carried out during 2018 kharif season. The results revealed that plant height and number of effective tillers per plant recorded significant positive association with panicle length whereas 1000 grain weight recorded significant positive correlation with grain yield. Therefore in present study selection of characters like number of effective tillers per plant and plant height showing more genetic advance and characters like panicle length and 1000 grain weight having direct positive effect resulted in increasing yield of slender grain rice varieties.


Keywords: Slender grain rice, yield, yield components, correlation, path analysis

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Nidanapati Karanam Gayathri, Muchchukota Subbara. Studies on Character Association and Path Analysis in Slender Grain Rice (Oryza sativaL.) Varieties. Research & Reviews: Journal of Agriculture Sciences and Technology. 2020; 9(1): 30–33p.

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