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Agro-Industry Products as a Support for Agro-Tourism in the Province of Bali, Indonesia

I Ketut Satriawan, Cokorda Anom Bayu Sadyasmara


Agro-tourism is one of the tourist destinations visited by tourists in Bali. Tourists can see or consume various agro-industry product derivatives, and can also take the product home as a souvenir. The present study aims to identify and classify agro-industry products that support agro-tourism attractions in the province of Bali and determine which products are of most interest to tourists. The research location was chosen purposively in Gianyar and Bangli Regencies, as a representation of the Province of Bali. The number of samples was 27, consisting of 21 agro-tourism in Gianyar Regency and six agro-tourism in Bangli Regency. Data were collected using survey techniques, observation and in-depth interviews. The research data were analyzed descriptively qualitatively. Agro-industry products as supporting agro-tourism attractions in the Province of Bali can be categorized into five groups namely processed coffee products, processed chocolate products, herbal tea products, cosmetic products and spices products. Of these product groups, the products most sought after by tourists are the processed coffee products (Civet Coffee, Bali Coffee, Ginseng Coffee and Coconut Coffee) and processed tea products (Lemon Tea, Mangosteen Tea and Lemongrass Tea).


Agro-industry products, agro-tourism, souvenirs, Bali, Gianyar Regency, Bangli Regency

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