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Compost of Rice Husk the Soil Additive

Nupur Goswami, Bangshidhar goswami, Saroj Dutta


Rice husk (RH) is the waste from rice mill. RH has maximal use as fertilizer additive. Chemical feed from RH digested sap at soil increases chlorophyll content and reduces infections of vegetable plants. Balanced rejection of soil nutrients at requisite water containment subjected after optimal proportion of husk compost, cattle dung and inorganic manures. Water and compound rejection rates at different stages of plant growth produces proper growth of plant and plant products. Biogenic manures have proper balance to absorb water and supply with readily decaying chemistry. Balanced salinity provided by husk at coastal continents cultivate crop as usual.


Rice husk (RH), micro-bacteria, fungus, saline, crop

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