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A Review on Pharmacological Activities of Garcinia Indica

Nagaraja H.R., Imadulla Baig, Ruchitha V, Shekshavali T.


The plant Garcinia indica having active constituents like xanthones, flavonoids, benzophenones, lactones, and phenolic acids D-Leucine, fukugicide, xanthochymol, isogarcinol, isoxanthochymol, Cambogic acid, HCA, HCA lactone, mangostin, GB-1, GB-2, amentoflavone and garcinol. The plant is screened for Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective activity, Antimicrobial, Cytotoxic Effects, Anti-fungal activity, Anti-neoplastic activity, Anti-bacterial activity, Anti-fungal activity, Anti-bacterial activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Hypoglycaemic activity, Anti-ulcer activity, Neuroprotective Effects, Anti-obesity activity, Antiaging activity. The present review is therefore, an effort to give a detailed literature on the pharmacological properties of Garcinia indica.


Kokum, Goa butter tree, Mangosteen, medicinally, pharmacological activities, Clusiaceae

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