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Evaluation of NPSB Fertilizer Rate for Better Production of Onion (alliumcepa.l) in Silte Zone Southern Ethiopia

Sasahu Lewot, Tarekegn Tefera Lele


Onions are an economically important crop in the study area. However, its productivity is far below from its potential yield due to poor soil fertility management. Therefore, the present study was initiated to determine the optimal rate of compound fertilizer required for onion production. A field experiment was conducted for a year in 2020in the farmer's field in Silti district. The experiment consisted eight treatments arranged in a randomized complete block design with three replicates. Treatments included six rate of NPSB fertilizer (75 N 54 P2O5 10 S 1.06 Bkgha-1, 89.6 N 67 P2O512.06S 1.27 Bkgha-1, 105 N 75.8 P2O5 14.07S 1.49Bkgha-1, 120N 86.6 P2O516S 1.7Bkgha-1, 135N 97 P2O5 18S 1.9 Bkgha-1, 147N 106.49 P2O5 19.76S 2.09 Bkgha-1), 92N 62 P2O5 kgha-1 and control (unfertilized plot). The result of experiment showed that application of different rate of blended fertilizer significantly affected the yield and yield related traits of onions. The highest (31,489 kg ha-1) and lowest (7,167 kg ha-1) yields were obtained from plots receiving 147N 106.49 P2O519.76 S 2.09 Bkgha-1 and plots that received no fertilizer respectively.Since the onion yield still increased with increasing amount of fertilizer and the result is based on one season and one location, it is proposed to repeat the experiment in study area at different locations and seasons by increasing the amount of fertilizer.


Blended fertilizer, fertilizer rate, inorganic fertilizer, Onion, Yield

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