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Effect of Sulphur and Zinc on Yield Quality and Nutrient uptake of Hybrid Rice in Sodic Soil

Veerendra Dixit, A. K. S. Parihar, Ganesh Shukla


A field experiment was conducted to study the effect of sulphur and zinc on yield, quality and nutrient uptake by hybrid rice grown in sodic soil. Application of 40 kg S ha−1 recorded significantly high grain and straw yield, protein content and sulphur uptake. Similarly, positive response of hybrid rice to zinc application was also noticed significantly up to the zinc dose @ 10 kg ha−1. Increasing doses of sulphur and zinc enhanced significantly their uptake by hybrid rice crop. The interaction effect of sulphur and zinc was found non-significant and the highest grain and straw yields were recorded with application of 40 kg S and 10 kg Zn ha−1. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium uptake in crop increased significantly with sulphur and zinc application.
Keywords: Sodic soil, grain and straw yield, nutrient uptake

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