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Comparative Responses of Some Fuel Wood Trees at Early Seedling Stage

Arpita Banerjee


Seedling of leguminous fuel wood trees (Bauhinia variegata, Delonix regia, Peltophorum pterocarpum, Samanea saman, Saraca indica) were analyzed at different developmental stages for biochemical constituents potentially related to fast-growing habit in order to identify some markers. Protein content of leaves and stem tissue was higher in Bauhinia variegata, particularly at later stages. Total amino acid level, however, did not show much difference between growing species. Total carbohydrate content (both soluble and insoluble) was also distinctively higher in leaves and stem tissues of seedlings of Bauhinia variegata, particularly at later stages of development. The total amount of depository carbohydrates like cellulose and starch was distinctly high in stem tissues of B. variegata. Among five leguminous fuel wood plants, B. variegata showed the highest level of the cellular constituents in seedling stages.


Biochemical analysis, Dry land, fuel wood plants, growth, Leguminous plant

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