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Variability and Association of Characters among Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Genotypes in Southern Ethiopia

Mukerem Elias, Bulti Tesso, Agdew Bekele


This experiment was conducted in Guraghe and Siltie Zones of Southern Ethiopia to assess the extents of variability and associations of characters among common bean genotypes. Data were collected on nine quantitative traits. The analysis of variance revealed significant variation among the traits. Moderate genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variation was observed for 100 seeds’ weight, pod length and seed per plant. Highest heritability and genetic advances as percent mean values were observed for 100 seeds’ weight and pod length. Seed yield had positive and significant association with most traits at both phenotypic and genotypic levels. The maximum positive direct effects on seed yield were exerted by pods per plant and days to 90% maturity. The moderate positive indirect effect on seed yield was exerted days to 90% maturity through pods per plant. Four major PCs explained 79.72% of total variation. Pod per plant from all PCs, seed yield and days to 90% maturity were from PC1, seed per pod and days to 50% flowering from PC1 and PC2, plant height from PC2 and PC3 and seed per plant from PC1, PC3. Therefore, in future these traits would be used for selection of genotypes as improving seed yield among these common bean genotypes.


Coefficient of variation, heritability, association, path coefficient analysis, Guraghe and Siltie Zones

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