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Life-forms and Biological Spectrum of a Dry Deciduous Forest in Gadag District, Karnataka, India

Sidanand V. Kambhar, Kotresha K.


The present paper deals with the different life form categories and biological spectrum of a forest in Gadag district, Karnataka. The Gadag flora recorded 667 wild species belonging to 430 genera in 108 families. Biological spectrum of the present study shows that Therophytes (45%) were the most dominating life-form, followed by Phanerophytes (29%), Hemicryptophytes (13%), Chamaephytes (12%) and Cryptophytes (1%). The comparison with Raunkiaer’s normal spectrum depicts Thero-phanerophytic type of phytoclimate. This indicates dry climate and high anthropogenic disturbance in the region.
Keywords: Biological spectrum, Dry deciduous forest, Gadag district, Life forms.

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