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Algal Diversity of the Madho Sagar dam of the Dausa District of Rajasthan

Teena Agrawal


Algae are the marvellous plant of the plant kingdom, they are found in every kind of the habitat, the habitat ranges from the soil to the several kinds of the aquatic habitat. The aquatic habitat are the fresh water as well as the oceanic algae, in the ocean algae covers the whole part from the small ones to the large giant kelps. These form the sea weeds or the macro algae. The fresh water algae the main part of the several types of the aquatic ecosystrm, they are the primary producer ,they forms the main parts of the food chains , in the primary and the secondary productivity of the water algae play the crucial roles . In this research article we are working on the algae biodiversity of the one of the dam of the dausa distract of the Madho-sagar dam. The dam is very large and it is established from the British time periods. The dam is reservoirs of the several kinds of the aquatic plants, these are the hydrophytes. Well in our study we collects the algae from the several places, form the several depth and in the many times periods. It was the summers, winters and the monsoon time period. We observed that cholorophyacae was very abundant and the followed by the cyanophyaceae, xanthophyaceae, cryptophyacae and some of the members of the bascillriophyacae termed as the diatoms. In the diversity of the algae a tremendous kinds of the variations can be observed according to the weather, these are the summers and the winters seasons when the diversity of the algae are the least and in the monsoon seasons the diversity of the algae reaches at their maximum potential. The diversity of the algae is correlated with the productivity of the ecosystem.

Keywords: Cyanophyaceae, Xanthophyaceae, Cryptophyacae, Bascillriophyacae, Diatoms. Diversity of the algae and Madho-sagar dam.

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