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A Review on Biological Control of Plant Pathogen

Ankit Agarwal, I.P. Sachan


Fungi of the genus Trichoderma are biocontrol agents that are successfully used as biopesticides worldwide. Several species of Trichoderma are reported to produce secondary metabolites with antibiotic activity. It is well documented that the interaction of Trichoderma strains with the plant may promote growth, improve crop yield, increase nutrient availability, and enhance disease resistance. In addition, some species of Trichoderma are able to colonize root surfaces, interact with the plant, and exchange compounds that can cause substantial changes in plant metabolism. It is also reported that Trichoderma metabolites or roots colonization by Trichoderma, changes the proteome and transcriptome of plants.

Keywords: potential biocontrol agents, Trichoderma harzianum, biopesticides, malt extract agar (MEA), Phytophthora infestans, Mycoparasitic activity

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Ankit Agarwal, I P Sachan A Review onBiological Control of Plant Pathogen Research & Reviews Journal of Crop Science and Technology . 2019; 3
24- 27 p.

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