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Application of Nano-technology in Weed Management: A Review

Ambreesh Singh Yadav, D.S. Srivastava



Nanotechnology is science of manipulating materials at nano-scale. Among the latest technological advancements, nanotechnology occupies a central position. It has many applications in all stages of production, processing, storing, packaging and transport of agricultural products. The reduced use of herbicides andpesticides with increased efficiency, controlled release and targeted delivery will lead to precision farming. Improvement of crops in agriculture is a continuous process. Nano-herbicides are being developed to address the problems in perennial weed management and exhausting weed seed bank. Remediation of environmental contamination of the industrial waste and agricultural chemicals like pesticides and herbicide residues are possible through metal nanoparticles. Details of possibilities and concepts of application of nanotechnology in the weed management and results obtained already in these areas are reviewed in this paper.


Keywords: Nanotechnology, biosensor, nano-herbicides, nano-polymer, nano-pesticides

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Ambreesh Singh Yadav and D S Srivastava. Application of Nano-Technology in Weed Management: A review. Research & Reviews : Journal of Crop science and Technology. 2015; 4(2): 21–23p.

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