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Dairy Technology and Smart Technology: The Smart Dairy Industry

Kazi Kutubuddin Sayyad Liyakat


The processes used in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of milk and other dairy products have undergone a radical transformation thanks to the smart dairy industry. By leveraging sensors, data analytics, and other smart technologies, dairy farmers can improve food safety and traceability, increase productivity, improve herd management, and reduce their environmental impact. In order to effectively and sustainably satisfy the increasing appetite in dairy products across the globe, the dairy industry needs to embrace smart technology. The intelligent dairy sector has come a long way from its historical roots. The industry has evolved into one that uses cutting-edge technology, is more consumer-driven, efficient, and sustainable. Given the increasing demand for dairy products around the world, it is anticipated that this smart dairy sector will keep expanding and bring about more revolutionary changes in the future. IoT technology adoption is growing in the dairy industry, and this trend has the potential to be significant. IoT technology is bringing about a positive revolution in the dairy industry by improving cow health and well-being, supporting sustainability, and streamlining farm operations. We anticipate seeing even more creative solutions that will completely change the dairy industry as technology develops. and make it more productive and sustainable.


IoT, Smart Dairy Farming, Sensor Technology, SDF Framework,

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