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Micro-atolls of the Gulf of Kachchh: Environmental Interactions and Adaptations of the Corals-an Anecdote

Devanshi Joshi, Pradeep Mankodi


The corals and coral reefs exhibit remarkable shapes and size in the marine realm. Any extant morphometric feature of any creature is a reflection of its interaction with the ambient environment and gradual evolutionary processes. The present study has for the first time revealed the occurrence of the panoply which is outcome of the evolutionary fitness mechanism, acquired by the coral colonies in the study area–Gulf of Kachchh, Arabian Sea. The observation note describes the typical growth form of corals which is not commonly found on any other reef area of India. The growth form known as -‘micro-atoll’ arises when certain abiotic conditions like sedimentation or desiccation alters coral growth. The note has explained the condition and species specific response in the study area.


Corals, Gulf of Kachchh, micro-atoll, growth form, reef, desiccation

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