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Influence of Climatic Change on Environment: A ReviewInfluence of Climatic Change on Environment: A Review

Saloni Jain, Neena Batra



The paper highlights that environment is a rudimentary public aid of a human system. Therefore, it must be preserved. Sustainable development can be defined as the evolution that does not dissolve social, ecological or political system, but at the same time provides full understanding of the essential requirements of humans. According to the present knowledge, it is crucial to cite the principles of sustainable development to benefit the human system. The paper summarizes the techniques and methods for sustainable development and the growth of resource saving technologies for sustaining consumption of resources in the long run. The idea behind sustainable development is to introduce an integration of adaptive strategies in various sectors such as economic and societal to build flexibility in the changes related with environment.


Keywords: Climate change, sustainable development, environment, aerosols

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Batra N, Jain S. Influence of Climatic Change on Environment: A Review. Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology. 2017; 6(1): 6–8p.

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