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Bioaccumulation, Phytoremediation and Kinetics of Uptake of Heavy Metals (Copper and Zinc) by Eichhornia crassipes

Musarrat Naaz, Abhijit Dutta, Sweety Kumari, Saabiya Farooqui


Phytoremediation is cost effective and environmental friendly. This paper presents the importance of phytoremediation with particular emphasis on rhizofiltration, kinetics of bioaccumulation and uptake factor in Eichhornia crassipes. The present study tried to highlight the effectiveness of the aquatic plant, E. crassipes, in removing heavy metals (Cu and Zn) from aquatic solutions. The plant was exposed to 0.5 mg/L concentration of copper and zinc and their uptake was measured after 3, 6, 9 and 12 days of exposure. Toxicokinetics and uptake factors were calculated and the data generated clearly indicated that water hyacinth can be considered as good accumulator of Cu and Zn.
Keywords: toxicokinetics, bioaccumulation, heavy metals, phytoremediation


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