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Effect of Artemia on the Reduction of BOD Level of Distillery Effluent – A Short Communication

S. Sujatha Rajasekar, M. Sethu, P. Lalithambigai, P. Gomathi Priya


Environmental pollution is one of the most important problems in this century and it’s mainly due to the increased industrialization. Industrial wastewater contains heavy pollutant and it should be treated before it is discharged into the environment. However, nowadays industries were not carrying out the treatment process properly due to the heavy cost of the treatment process. Nowadays, improperly treated effluent is rich in high BOD level and it causes the aquatic pollution and it is also responsible for the eutrophication problem. The present study evaluates the feasibility of using Artemia as a bio accumulator in reducing the BOD level of the distillery effluent. Biological organisms such as nauplii have been used as bio accumulators to reduce the BOD of the effluent. BOD was reduced from 60454.32 to 10074.08 mg/l using Artemia nauplii. Artemia nauplii (72 h) was capable of reducing the BOD in the distillery effluent to 75.5%.
Keywords: Artemia, BOD removal, Distillery treatment, Biological treatment

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