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Physicochemical Characteristics of Different Brands of Edible Oil Available in Bangladesh

Nasim Talukder, Habibur Rahman, Dilruba Akter


Physicochemical properties like moisture content, density, smoke point, acid value (AV), peroxide value (PV), saponification value, iodine value were analyzed using standard methods and vitamin E by spectrophotometry to evaluate the quality of edible oils and also to select good quality oils among various brands of edible oils available in the local market of Bangladesh. In the study twelve brands of different oils were purchased from local market of Dhaka city in Bangladesh. Result revealed that Vitamin E content in various brands of soybean oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil and coconut oil were ranged between 797–915.3 ppm, 397–417 ppm, 415–443 ppm and 17–21 ppm, respectively. Highest density obtained in Health Care Mustard oil (0.96 g/ml) and lowest in Teer Soybean oil (0.90 g/ml). Coconut oil contained the greatest amount of moisture ranged from 0.15 to 0.30% followed by Mustard oil, Soybean oil and Rice Bran oil. The highest and lowest saponification value was 207.02 mg KOH/g and 168.65 mg KOH/g for Jui coconut oil and Health Care Mustard oil, respectively. It was observed that Health Care Mustard oil showed maximum (8.53 meq O2/kg) and Rupchanda Soybean oil showed minimum (0.56 meq O2/kg) peroxide value. Rupchanda Soybean oil had highest iodine value (121.49 g I2/g oil), but low in acid value (0.078 mg KOH/g). On the other hand, lowest iodine value was observed in Jui coconut oil (5.98 g I2/g oil) although it has highest acid value (17.82 mg KOH/g).
Keywords: Physicochemical, spectrophotometry, edible oils, vitamin E, Bangladesh

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Nasim Talukder, Habibur Rahman, Dilruba Akter. Physicochemical Characteristics of Different Brands of Edible Oil Available in Bangladesh. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2018; 8(3): 12–16p.

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