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Development and Standardization of Iron-Rich Ladoo

Silpa Somavarapu, B. Suryam


The objective of this study was to prepare an iron-rich palatable snack (ladoo) and find out the acceptability of iron-rich ladoos containing five different combinations of ragi flour, bajra flour, soy flour and jaggery. Five different iron-rich garnishing were used. Acceptance was assessed using a 9-point hedonic scale. It was noticed that a combination of ragi flour, bajra flour, soyflour and jaggery in the ratio of 1:1:1.5:1.5 with raisins for garnishing was accepted the most. It produced highest acceptability and the data revealed an overall acceptability of ladoos. This indicated that the recipes were found to fall under the category of liked very much to liked moderately.

Keywords: hedonic scale, jaggery, nutritive value, raisins, soy flour

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B. Suryam, Silpa Somavarapu
Development and Standardization of Iron
Rich Ladoo . Research & Reviews: Journal
of Food Science and Technology . 2019;
8(3): 23 3 1 p.

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