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Knowledge of Housewives Regarding Food Safety

Bhawana Choudhary, Sarita Kumawat


Food safety is a scientific study which describes the ways to prevent food borne illness and those ways are storage of food, handling and its preparation. This also include different sort of ways which should be followed on regular basis to avoid severe health related issues. Majorly the relation who is on track for this food safety is between the manufacturer to the market and then the market to the consumer. Housewife- as the word itself suggests is the one who take care of all the daily needs for the family at house, who can cook, buy goods, take care of children etc. in day to day life, cleaning and maintain the home, making clothes for the family etc. and who is generally not employed outside at the home. Education and information about food safety and the importance of safe handling can affect consumer behaviour in ways that help prevent food borne disease. Consumer awareness about food safety can be an important determinant of how safely they cook and order their foods. The housewife’s need for food safety is greatly increasing but the level of food safety education remains still low. The lack of food safety knowledge results in food safety related health problems, and housewives who are undereducated, or have low incomes have limited food safety knowledge and poor food handling practices. The development of a food safety education program should be tailored to their needs, so they can practice food safety effectively at home. In over 90% of households in India, it is the woman (mother or housewife) who is involved in the preparation of meals. At present, vast majority of the people are not even aware of consumerism as a movement closely connected with the protection of their interest. To protect the consumers in a better manner government has made many provisions and that too as per the constitution. To let people know about these provisions and make them aware about all these responsibilities and their rights is must because until and unless consumers don’t avail these benefits then the protection of consumer becomes unavoidable. An understanding of the status of the food safety knowledge of housewives is needed before any food safety education material can be prepared for their use.

Keywords: Food Safety, illness, food borne disease, WHO, hygienic practices, ISO

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Choudhary Bhawana, Kumawat Sarita. Knowledge of Housewives Regarding Food Safety. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science & Technology. 2020; 9(1): 1–6p.

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